It's not easy to build a future. So start with a magazine.


The Magazine from the Future is design fiction for enterprise teams from the Near Future Laboratory.

︎It’s a turnkey, proven design fiction container that holds a possible future world in its myriad complexities.

︎For teams working in moments of transformational or systemic change, we take them into their future to help them make better, more informed decisions today.
Ready for us to help your team imagine harder and engage with moments of transformational change in their own near futures?

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Why a magazine?

︎As a way of getting a handle on the future, a magazine can represent everything from complex global issues to the quotidian fears, hopes, dreams, ambitions and desires of everyone from school kids to heads of state. And the thing is, for a compelling, evocative magazine, the fullness and complexity of the world can be represented beautifully in so many rich ways: feature articles; opinion essays; brand advertising; help wanted classifieds; even the mailing label.

︎These kinds of editorial features speak for the world you are working towards in all its multivalent characteristics. The magazine exists in a world where products are being sold through advertising, where social upheaval is reflected through both reporting and day to day interactions with the world, and where transformations brought about through technological innovation meet the lived, human world head on.

What kind of teams do we help?

Product design teams looking to …
  • inspire new prototypes
  • freeing thinking from the constraints of next year’s product
  • understand and explore real-world implications of potential innovations

C-suite leaders interested in …
  • developing a vision
  • informing future strategy
  • imagining beyond the next few quarters

Marketing leaders looking to …

  • Exploring the transformed future competitive landscape of your space

Product and risk specialists …
  • Legal departments looking to mitigate and understand future risk

“The more we are able to hear each other and think together, the better our future will be. Design Fiction gives us a shared framework, lexicon and tools. Perhaps most crucially, it invites joyful exploration as we tease out the shape and contours of our future.”

︎Lisa Gansky, serial entrepreneur, dedicated decarbonizer, mentor and author The Mesh: Why the Future of Business Is Sharing